Industrial Scales- TPWLKW Logistic Series Pallet Truck Scale With Wide Forks

TPWLKW Logistic Series Pallet Truck Scale With Wide Forks

TPWLKW Logistic Series Pallet Truck Scale With Wide Forks

Pallet truck scale, with built-in electronic weighing, fitted with forks 680mm width, which making it ideal for the handling of pallets in the Food & Chemical Industry Sector. Fitted with rechargeable extractable battery. Available also with a built-in printer as well as CE-M DOUBLE RANGE approved.

Product Specification

Maximum lifting capacity: 2000 kg.
Accuracy: +/- 0.1% of the maximum capacity in the versions for internal use.
Accuracy: +/- 0.05% of the maximum capacity in the “M” approved versions.
Forks dimensions: 1150 x 680 x 85 mm.
Weighs about 134 kg.
Structure in extra thick steel and oven-fire painted mechanics.
Steering wheels and double loading poliurethane rollers.
4 shear-beam load cells, with IP67 protection degree.
Weight indicator in IP65 STAINLESS STEEL waterproof case, which is easy to clean and resistant to harsh and corrosive environments; large 25mm LCD display high contrast digits, which are clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions and with low temperatures, and waterproof membrane keyboard, with 17 functional keys.
Configuration, calibration and diagnostics from keyboard or PC with DINITOOLS.
Power supply through extractable rechargeable battery mounted on the pallet truck column.
The operating time is of about 80 hours of continuous use or one month with the tipycal non continuous use, thanks to its auto switch-off function.
Programmable auto power saving function. Battery level indication.
Equipped with 230Vac 50 Hz battery charger (recharging time is about 8 hours).
Configurable RS232/C bidirectional port for connection to a printer, with customisable print format.
Configurable RS232/C bidirectional port for PC, modem radio or portable terminal.
IR input for remote control management.
Fitted with thermal printer in the TPWLKWP and TPWLKWPM versions, with Date&Time card.


Zeroing, Tare, Printing.
High Resolution Weighing x 10.
Net/Gross or lb/kg conversion.
+/- Checkweighing.
Percentage weighing.
Counting (Max. resolution of 1.500.000 divisions).
Hold and Peak.
Set Point Control (with optional interface).