Crane Scales- MCWN Ninja Series Suspended Crane Scales

MCWN Ninja Series Suspended Crane Scales

MCWN Ninja Series Suspended Crane Scales

Easy to use and reliable professional digital crane scales, for weighing in industrial environments, fitted with protective transport case. Thanks to their compact size, the MCWN crane scales just slightly reduce the lifting distance of the crane. Available also CE-M APPROVED. The RF versions are standard fitted with a radio frequency communication module, for connection to PC, remote printer, or weight repeater. Fitted with test certificate obtained with sample weights.

Product Specification

25 mm LCD backlit display, easily visible in any lighting condition
Fitted with upper and lower shackles
Compact size and minimum distance between upper and lower shackle
Precision: +/- 0.03% on F.S.
5-key waterproof keypad: Zero, semi automatic or preset Tare, Mode, Print, On/Off
Sturdy case in oven-fire painted steel
Fitted with 868MHz multipoint radio frequency module (RF versions), for connection to remote printer, PC of one or more crane scales (also with approved transmission through the Alibi Memory option), or weight indicator/repeater of one or more crane scales (with attached printer, labeller, or other accessories).
Fitted with infrared remote control for use up to 8m of distance. The remote control can be configured by the customer as a single automatic tare or as a remote keypad
Power supply through 4 AA batteries, which may be rechargeable, operating time of about 40 hours (without radio frequency communication).
Digital calibration and programmable Set-Up directly from the keypad or from the PC with Dinitools.
Programmable digital filter and auto switch-off.
Operating termperature: -10 /+40 ºC
RS232 serial port on the RJ45 connector for quick programming with Dinitools.
Fitted with protective transport case with dimensions (WxLxH) 175x480x390mm.


PEAK (maximum value read).
HOLD (lock of the displayed weight).
Weighing totalization.
lb/kg conversion (see DFW weight indicators for more functions).
+/- checkweighing.
Percentage weighing.
High Resolution Weighing x 10.
Battery or AC Operated