Weight Indicators- DFWRXP: Indicator With Very Bright Red Led Display

DFWRXP: Indicator With Very Bright Red Led Display

DFWRXP: Indicator With Very Bright Red Led Display

High performance digital weight indicator with 8 programmable inputs and 16 programmable outputs, 3 serial ports, transmissions protocols for data communication, completely programmable printouts, integrated alibi memory, graphic display and input for included bar code/badge reader. Particularly suitable for the industrial automation and the dosage, thanks to the fitted available inputs/outputs. CE-M approvable (OIML R-76 / EN 45501).

Product Specification

Waterproof 25-key numerical functional keyboard.
Programmable function keys, for customising the keyboard functions according to the needs.
Easy to consult backlit graphic LCD display, with a clear visualisation of the weight and wide range of information.
Fitted with 3-way control light made up to sinoptic bar-graph with 3 groups of 3 Leds each, to tollerance check and setpoint.
IP68 stainless steel waterproof case, easy to clean and resistant in harsh and corrosive environments.
Fitted with a stainless steel support bracket, for use on the table or wall, with ajustable inclination.
Dimensions, including support bracket: 269x149x193mm.
Real time clock and permanent data memory.
Integrated alibi memory for CE-M communication with PC and printer.
Development area for implementation of the customized application software.
Functions available with DINITOOLS utility
– Configuration, calibration, data entry and print formatting.
– Recording and filing of all the information on PC.
– Complete retrieval of the data saved for quick substitution.
– Instrument calibration with numeric values.

Selection of the programme language directly in the set-up.
A/D 24 bit sigma-delta 4-channel conversion, up to 200 conv./sec. with automatic selection. Filtering system through programmable software, adjustable according to the system.
Calibration and Set-Up parameters, configurable from PC with Dinitools or with the keyboard; theoretical calibration with the entry of the characteristics of the load cells.
Up to 1.000.000d displayable for internal factory use.
Up to 10.000e or multirange 3 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/d in CE-M approved version for legal for trade use.
Up to 8 signal linearisation points with DINITOOLS.
Internal resolution of up to 3.000.000 points.
110/240 Vac power supply through built-in power adapter.
Management of a weighing system with digital equalisation of the 4 cells or management of up to 4 independent weighing systems (depending on the application software).
Connectable with up to 16 analogue load cells with 350 Ohm input resistance (45 1000 Ohm cells) and to the main digital load cells available on the market.
Connectable to printers and ASCII labellers, thanks to the complete programmable printout format.