Cardinal Scale, an ISO-9001 certified scale manufacturer, markets a complete line of quality weighing products and systems. Cardinal’s headquarters is in Webb City, Missouri, USA with warehouses in Canada and England and distributors in over 110 countries. Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company provides a one-stop shop for all of your weighing needs with an extensive product line of scales and weighing systems complete with a wide selection of peripheral equipment for your truck scale or weighing operation.


DINI ARGEO is a company specialising in the production of weighing systems. With their mechanical, electronic and I.T. knowledge, DINI ARGEO offers solutions in the area of mechatronics, ranging from mobile weighing systems to scales for commercial and industrial use. This includes a wide range of components, electronic solutions and software, for industrial automation and systems integration. DINI ARGEO boasts over 100 years of experience in the area of weighing, batching and industrial automation. The company offers state of the art technology, which guarantees the highest levels of precision, keeping to international standards.


T-scale founded in 1968 in Taipei; it has been 50 years since its establishment. From the early mechanical scale, to the electronic scale, to the latest development of intelligent weighing system, T-Scale has always been a leader in the weighing industry, investing heavily in research and innovation, introducing new technology and elevating industry standards. As a Taiwanese enterprise, we have strong manufacturing capability, from SMT chips, to machining, to electronic assembly; we have designed our own automated production equipment and developed a robust quality control system. T-scale’s metrology quality systems have received European NMI, and the United States NAVI certification.


RICE LAKE Weighing Systems is an international leader in the manufacture and distribution of weight-related products and process-control equipment. Our roots are planted firmly in the principles of quality and customer service. Through three generations of family ownership these ideals remain unchanged. Today, RICE LAKE Weighing Systems is world renowned for delivering the highest standard of product and the best service in the weighing industry.


Artec was established in 1982 in Cento (Ferrara), a small town in one of the most dynamic industrial areas of Italy, and it has therefore more than 30 years of experience in designing and producing pneumatic cylinders. Since the very beginning of its history, Artec has specialized in the manufacturing of short stroke and compact pneumatic cylinders.